The Invisible Vegan- Calgary Premiere
March 23
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Globe Cinema
617 8 Ave SW (see map)
Calgary, Alberta
VegFest Calgary is proud to present the Calgary premiere for The Invisible Vegan!

About this Event

VegFest Calgary is proud to present the Calgary premiere for The Invisible Vegan! The Invisible Vegan is a 90-minute independent documentary that explores issues of food justice and accessibility through an African-American lens. Filmmaker Jasmine Leyva investigates the health and wellness possibilities enabled by a plant-based lifestyle through recounting personal experiences, interviewing experts, and compiling research on such topics as dietary racism, food history, and plant-based nutrition. The film features interviews with former VegFest Calgary speaker and child activist Genesis Butler, along with at least one VegFest 2019 speaker! Please join us in supporting an independent vegan filmmaker while learning more about these important issues.

We are grateful to be sponsored by The Globe and Conscious Wealth! Ticket sales support VegFest 2019 and the filmmaker, Jasmine Leyva.

Watch the Invisible Vegan Trailer!

Ticket Breakdown: 150 general admission tickets available, 100 student/senior tickets available, 50 tickets available for low income and VegFest volunteers, 50 tickets will be available at the door for $25, first come, first serve.


Where does the money from ticket sales go?

We were able to recoup our screening costs through sponsorships from The Globe Theatre and Conscious Wealth! This means that we can now offer a sliding scale with three different price points based on what you can afford. Ticket sales are a donation towards putting on VegFest 2019, which costs several thousands of dollars, and a portion (based on our screening contract) will also support Jasmine Leyva, the producer.

Does the Globe have vegan snacks?

Yes, the popcorn can be vegan if you ask for no butter! They also have some accidentally vegan candies.

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